Critically acclaimed performances of The Gondoliers at Winter Opera St Louis

Updated: Jan 26

Winter Opera St Louis | Kirkwood Performing Arts Center, St Louis

January 15 & 16, 2022

Yet somehow Gina Galati, John Stephens and conductor Dario Salvi united to produce a cohesive staging that seemed fresh yet well-rehearsed, well balanced and fully up to date.

Italian-British conductor Dario Salvi has firmly established his credentials not only as a performer, but as a performer strongly committed to bringing understanding of operetta to the people. Aside from his dedication to performing both standard and neglected works from the operetta repertoire, but he also strives to demonstrate to performers and audiences alike the correct performance practices of operetta. In a recent interview, Maestro Salvi stated his philosophy succinctly: "If I have tickled someone's interest, then I have succeeded."

Veteran Stage Director John Stephens handles the large cast gracefully, and Maestro Dario Salvi draws real beauty from his orchestra.

Steve Callahan, Broadway World

The Winter Opera staging was a delight. The orchestra played with complete assurance in conductor Dario Salvi’s stylish interpretation of the score. The principals sang beautifully, as did the ensemble under chorus master Jesse Cunningham.

Gerry Kowarsky, HEC Media

The orchestra, under Scottish-Italian conductor Dario Salvi, was similarly of professional quality. The music is frequently rollicking, and the staging requires lots of dancing by all cast members.

Fred Blumenthal, St Louis Post-Dispatch

Conductor Dario Salvi led the orchestra in a spirited reading of Sullivan’s jaunty score, while stage director John Stephens kept the large cast moving at a lively pace to maintain the show’s appealing comic mood as his singers made the most of Gilbert’s entertaining libretto.