Reviews: Auber, Overtures, Vol. III

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra | Naxos

**As featured at no. 16 in Gramophone's 'Official Specialist Classical Chart Top 20' - 5 February 2020**

Dario Salvi wearing a tailcoat, white shirt and bow tie next to the album cover of Auber Overtures Volume 3

Although Auber was one of the most popular of 19th-century French composers, his music is seldom revived in the opera house. This series is restoring his overtures and orchestral excerpts from operas, a swathe of refined and elegant music showing his importance in operatic history. Featured in this volume are the overture from La Muette de Portici, his revolutionary masterpiece, as well as premiere recordings of music from La Barcarolle and Les Chaperons blancs, exuding both the drama and the charm that permeate all his mature works.


Under Dario Salvi, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra excels at bringing the dance's lightness and exquisite instrumentation to the fore.

Jan Krobot, Online Merker (original in German)

The orchestra plays with drama and sensitivity throughout, while Salvi’s attention to detail, particularly in following Auber’s tempo markings absolutely to the letter, render this a recording of historical value in addition to being a highly satisfying listen.

Daniel Adams, The Light Music Society

Dario Salvi is a specialist in this field and a fine advocate for the composer... The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra is clearly a well-drilled and accomplished body that responds well to his idiomatic direction.

Rob Maynard, MusicWeb International

Volume 3 shows [Auber's] famous, revolutionary masterpiece and premiere recordings of music, which exude both the drama and charm that permeated his mature works.

Michel Dutrieue, Stretto (original in Dutch)

Conductor Dario Salvi depicts the music with its strengths and weaknesses as it is, he doesn't try to mend anything - here, too, we experience Auber as a veteran with meager ideas, as a mediocre orchestrator, then again as a genius, sparkling with esprit.

Daniel Hauser, Opera Lounge (original in German)

Maestro Dario Salvi leads a different ensemble for this installment of Auber opera overtures. The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra has a full, yet light sound that sometimes seems to sparkle... And that’s a sound well-suited to Auber’s music... A strong addition to this series.

Ralph Graves, WTJU

I applaud Naxos for taking on this fine project... I found the recording to be well done and performed.

Thomas Kiefner, Film Music: A Neglected Art

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