Opera Festival on Ice wows audiences in Oman

Updated: May 7, 2020

Prague Philharmonia, Willy Bietak Productions | Royal Opera House Muscat

December 20-22, 2018

2014 Olympic ice skating champions Charlie White and Meryl Davis with soprano Martina Bortolotti and tenor Francisco Brito in Opera Festival On Ice. © Royal Opera House Muscat/Willy Bietak Productions

The truly amazing show Opera on Ice combines the inspirational artistry of operatic singing with the virtuosic talent and grace of world-class skating. The transformation of ROHM’s stage into a flawless ice-skating rink seems nothing short of miraculous and the magnificent Royal Opera House Muscat is a perfect setting for the elegance of ice dancing.

Oman Observer

Imagine the stage at the Royal Opera House Muscat extended over the pit, iced over and turned into a giant skating rink. Then imagine the impeccable Prague Philharmonia, Muscat’s favourite orchestra, placed at the back of the stage on a raised platform, under guest conductor Dario Salvi. The magical worlds of ice-skating and first-class opera with multi-media effects were presented by Willy Bietak Productions last weekend.

Georgina Benison, Oman Observer

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