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Johann Strauss II’s operetta Waldmeister (‘Woodruff’) was staged for the first time in December 1895. The plotline—a case of mistaken identity somewhat reminiscent of Die Fledermaus—is lively, but the libretto itself proved to be less than satisfying. However, the vivacious and immaculately orchestrated music featuring several pieces that would go on to become famous, including the waltz Trau, schau, wem and the polka Klipp-Klapp-Galopp, earned Strauss immense admiration. Attending the opening night with Johannes Brahms was Vienna’s leading critic Eduard Hanslick who hailed the new work by asserting that ‘Mozart’s golden sound reigns in [Strauss’s] orchestra’.


Dario Salvi's attention to detail and animated conducting serves the composer's intentions to the hilt and does justice to his luscious music.

Gerald Fenech, Classical Music Daily

With this studio production Naxos presents the world premiere recording. This is astonishing, for the music is quite attractive and imaginative. This is already evident in the beautiful overture. In it Dario Salvi proves the quality he wants to give to this interpretation.

Remy Franck, Pizzicato (original in German)

And the great Artisan of the success of this Waldmeister is the “Meister”, precisely! Maestro Dario Salvi, whose attentive, refined, alternately restrained and fiery conducting marvellously serves the composer’s intentions and does justice to his beautiful music... The whole construction of Johann Strauss, who distils his musical findings instead of throwing them to the hungry listeners, is reconstructed step by step by Maestro Salvi, and with such precision and nuance that one would think he had been “briefed” by Johann Strauss himself!

Yonel Buldrini, Operetta Research Centre

It is indeed a commendable move to record this highly praised work. One will not tire of saying that the credit for this beautiful success goes to Maestro Salvi.

Khabar India 9 (original in Hindi)

Dario Salvi continues his laudable initiative of recording unknown Strauss operettas with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. The choir and orchestra act at a good level, serving the music with a twist and whistle.

Online Merker (original in German)

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